The Armbands of Ares

by PJ



Wonder Woman responded to the alarm from the city museum. The amazon princess dropped down from the sparkling midnight sky, her bright red boots touched down on the top steps of the museum, which was constructed in the classic Greek architecture style. Diana felt a twinge of homesickness for Paradise Island and her sisters as she walked up to the mueseum doors, someone had defeated the museum's security locks, the door to the right stood wide open.

Diana's lovely blue eyes pierced the darkness inside the empty museum. Wonder Woman's crimson boots clicked softly as she walked deeper into the building, hunting for the cause of the security alarm.

The Greek theme continued throughout the museum. Wonder Woman passed replicas of ancient Greek statues, a mock up of the great Greek Temple, and then finally a vault like chamber filled with glass cases containing a wealth of historical Greek artifacts.

Wonder Woman's azure eyes narrowed when she spied the shattered case towards the back of the vault chamber. Diana's boots crunched upon broken glass as she leaned forward to see what artifact had been stolen, Diana's blue eyes widened when she read the placard, the broken case had displayed the Armbands of Ares.


"Hello, Wonder Woman," greeted a man from behind Diana, just before the amazon princess was sucker punched in the kidneys.

Wonder Woman grunted, her lovely bronze legs wobbled, then her attacker snatched her right arm and hurled her through the vault doorway.

Diana sailed through the air and crashed into a tall marble statue of Zeus. Wonder Woman lay sprawled atop the shattered remains of the statue, then a powerful hand wrapped around Diana's throat, and picked the armored amazon off her feet.

"You're even more beautiful in person, Diana," admired Wonder Woman's foe, before he pinned her flailing frame up against one of the mock marble pillars.

Diana's vision blurred as she strained to break her attacker's grip, but the magical armbands he wore granted Wonder Woman's enemy the strength of Ares. Diana's struggles started to ebb, she wheezed weakly for breath, until her attacker set her down on the museum floor, and spun her about, before shoving her up against the fake Greek pillar.


"I bet you haven't had a man in quite awhile, princess," purred the armband thief over Diana's shoulder, while his fingers plucked at the clasps of Wonder Woman's golden brassiere.

"Don't..you dare..touch me!" moaned Diana, while the thief removed her upper armor and tossed the breast cradling brassiere aside.

"That's better," whispered the thief, reaching round Diana to cup her heavy bronze breasts.

"No," groaned Wonder Woman, pushed up against the pillar, while strong hands squeezed her firm, sun kissed tits. Diana whimpered when the thief tweaked her enormous dark brown nipples, then Wonder Woman gasped when she felt a rock hard cock grinding between her star spangled buttocks.

"I'll make you feel so good, you won't want me to stop," promised the thief in Diana's left ear, before he nibbled on the amazon's tender lobe.

Diana was panting, clenching her azure eyes shut, while her bare breasts heaved and her panty clad crotch grew hot. Wonder Woman whimpered when the molesting thief released Diana's pliant right breast to slip his powerful hand inside Wonder Woman's star spangled shorts.

Diana sobbed as she felt sure fingers caress her pounding pussy. The amazon princess became wet quickly, streaks of spunk spilling down between her parted bronze thighs.

"I knew you really wanted it," crowed the thief, while he languidly scratched Diana's soaking wet snatch, rubbing Wonder Woman's clit in slow circles with his thumb.


Diana didn't resist when the thief plucked at her panties and slowly peeled them down her quivering bronze legs. The thief left Wonder Woman's shorts tangled around her splayed scarlet boots, while he returned his deft fingers to Diana's sopping wet sex, rubbing the length of Wonder Woman's squishy vulva, before he plunged a stiff digit inside Diana's inflamed pussy.

"No..please..don't..," begged Wonder Woman weakly, her naked knees knocking as the thief pinning her to the Greek pillar shoved his index finger deep into Diana's melting twat.

"Relax, princess. Let your hot juices flow..," coaxed the thief, gently slipping a second digit inside Wonder Woman's filthy wet cunt.

Wonder Woman's pelvis quaked, she sobbed when she climaxed breathlessly, her vision swimming as she squirted and soaked her shuddering thighs, drenching her long legs with her cum.

The thief pressed up behind Diana spread her sticky labia lips apart as the amazon climaxed uncontrollably. Wonder Woman soaked the pillar she leaned up against with spunk, she rubbed her throbbing crotch over the honey streaked pole, while her molester relentlessly fingered her gaping, gushing gash.


Wonder Woman clung to the cum covered Greek pillar while the armband thief tugged his dripping digits out of Diana's clenched cunnie and brought his sticky fingers to the amazon's gaping anus. Diana gasped when she felt the thief's wet fingers poke at her puckered bunghole.

"Please..don't touch me there," begged Wonder Woman, just before the museum thief wiggled his spunk sheathed finger inside Diana's tender rectum.

"Has a man ever poked inside your asshole before, princess?" teased the thief, while he shoved his digit deeper and deeper inside Wonder Woman's twitching sphincter.

"No!" whimpered Wonder Woman, her heaving bronze breasts separated by the gleaming Greek pillar nestled in her cleavage.

Wonder Woman spread eagled her long bronze legs as the thief finger reamed her clenched anal orifice. Diana had never experienced such wanton bliss as the man behind her rammed his digits repeatedly through her hot, juicy asshole. Wonder Woman's swollen snatch drooled musky cum as she bucked against the groaning Greek pillar, then the thief finger fucked her butt to climax, the bare breasted amazon sobbing as she showered her splayed thighs and the fake pillar again with her hot vaginal honey.


"You're a filthy bitch, aren't you, Wonder Woman?" mocked the armband thief, as he finally brought his raging hard on to Diana's yawning wide asshole. "Where would you like my cock, inside your ass or up your dirty cunt?"

Wonder Woman's black lashes quivered. "I want your cock inside my ass!"

"That's my dirty whore," smiled the thief, before he wrapped his magically enhanced arms around Wonder Woman's slender waist.

Wonder Woman groaned when the thief rammed his rod through her squishy sphincter. Diana nibbled her trembling lower lip as she clung to the fake Greek pillar with both arms, rocking with her lean legs spread apart as the thief repeatedly reamed her clenched rectum.

"Fuck my butt harder!" demanded Wonder Woman, tossing her long, sweaty, ebony mane, as she writhed between her attacker and the creaking Greek pillar, drool spilling down her chin as she bucked beneath the humping, super strong thief.

The ass raping thief caught up Diana's bronze arms, he pulled them behind Wonder Woman's back while he wildly pounded Diana's rocking rump. Wonder Woman's voluptuous bronze breasts bounced freely as her attacker slapped his hairy crotch over Diana's blushing, sweat sheened buttocks. The thief's swinging testicles smacked against Wonder Woman's throbbing clit as the man's thick prick plugged Diana's swollen, sore sphincter. The thief squeezed Diana's limp wrists as he rode the amazon's bucking backside over and over, until he blasted Wonder Woman's aching ass with a flood of fuck.


Wonder Woman's lust glazed blue eyes rolled back into her skull as she experienced a series of toe curling orgasms. The bare breasted amazon princess quaked from ebony head to bright red boots every time the museum thief shot another wad into her raped raw rectum. Cum dribbled between Diana's spread eagled legs, pooling beneath Wonder Woman's crimson high heels.

The armband bearer yanked back on Diana's thick, sweat soaked black hair. The attacker kissed Wonder Woman roughly on the mouth, then licked the strings of the amazon's saliva from her gleaming wet chin.

"If you try to take the armbands from me, I'll rape you raw again, princess," promised the thief, before he pinched Wonder Woman's heaving right breast and released the swooning amazon.

Diana folded numbly to her knees in a pool of mingled cum as she watched the armband clad thief make his escape from the museum. Wonder Woman reached between her spunk sheened thighs to finger her dripping wet pussy, she fully intended to find the man bearing the Armbands of Ares and wrestle with him again.




Diana was outstretched on her bed working two fingers inside her squishy snatch when someone knocked on her dormitory door. Wonder Woman groaned and laid her left hand over her perspiring brow, she reluctantly tugged her gleaming fingers out of her yawning wide vulva, then climbed out of bed to pull on her star spangled shorts.

Power Girl was waiting behind the dorm door. The Kryptonian woman's eyes widened to find Wonder Woman so flushed and dishevelled.

"What were you doing?" asked Karen slyly, a knowing smirk upon her lovely face.

"Um..nothing," blushed Wonder Woman, hiding her damp right hand behind her back.

Power Girl stifled a laugh. "You wanted to know when a thief with magical armbands showed up on the radar again. He's robbing one of the downtown banks, he tore the vault door right off its hinges."

Wonder Woman nodded. "I'll take care of him."

Power Girl watched Wonder Woman march down the long hallway. "Want some help?"

"No, he's mine," growled Diana, her blue eyes flashing as she glanced at Karen over her bronze shoulder.


Wonder Woman dived down to the street, where half a dozen police cars cordoned off the bank. Policemen crouched behind their cars, levelling pistols and shotguns at the closed bank doors.

Wonder Woman landed, and an officer joined her, the man barely reaching the height of Diana's buxom bosom.

"Glad to see a super! The bastard's still inside, loading up on cash from the vault."

"Has he hurt anyone?"

"No. The customers were released, only the staff are still inside, standing at their stations."

"I'll take it from here, officer," said Wonder Woman, striding up the stairs to the bank doors.

"Good luck, Wonder Woman!" offered the police officer.


Diana opened the glass double doors. As she walked inside, Wonder Woman spotted the stiff counter clerks standing at their work stations, arms raised high.

Where is he? mouthed Wonder Woman to one of the female clerks.

The clerk nodded her auburn head towards the gaping vault entrance, the reinforced steel door leaning against the wall beside it.

Wonder Woman took a deep breath that swelled her bronze breasts, she curled her hands into fists, and approached the open vault.

A sack of coins sailed through the air and slammed into Wonder Woman's chest. Diana was knocked off her crimson boots, propelled up against a wall. More flying sacks hurtled towards Wonder Woman, Diana ducked a sack that would have smashed her in the face, but a third sack of coins punched Wonder Woman in the stomach, she doubled over, wheezing for breath, as the armband clad thief appeared, shouldering a huge canvas bag filled with green bills.

"Huh, I told you not to come after me, princess," warned the thief, before he jumped over one of the counters and raced outside the double doors.

One of the female tellers helped Wonder Woman rise. Diana nodded her thanks, then jumped a counter, pursuing the magically strong thief.


As Wonder Woman rushed out the bank doors, shots cracked through the air. The police were firing on the thief, who ducked behind one of the black and whites. As Wonder Woman watched, the thief picked up the patrol car with his free right hand, he threw it at another of the parked patrol cars, the two vehicles both exploded into flame, sending policemen fleeing from the burning wrecks.

"Hold your fire! I've got him!" cried Wonder Woman, waving away the police with her left arm as she leapt after the thief.

The bank robber hefted his sack of loot and sprinted down the street. A few cops took departing shots at the thief despite Wonder Woman's warning, Diana raced after the thief, pendulous breasts bouncing in the cradle of her golden brassiere.

The thief took a sharp right turn, then fled down a narrow alley. When Wonder Woman rushed up to the alley's mouth, the thief was quickly climbing up a set of fire escape stairs.

Wonder Woman took to the air and flew up to the roof of the building the thief was making his way towards, she landed lightly and waited for the thief to appear, hands on her shapely hips.

The thief emerged from the edge of the roof, he climbed over a brick partition, then panted lightly while regarding the tall, beautiful, amazon princess.

"I don't suppose you'd like to split it?" inquired the thief with a grin.

"I'm not interested in money," replied Wonder Woman, her black hair fluttering in the breeze. "Give me back the Armbands of Ares."

"Well, I can't do that, sorry," shrugged the thief, setting down his bulging sack of loot.

"If you won't give them back, I'm taking them," warned Wonder Woman, dropping into a fighting crouch.

"If you want to try again, be my guest, princess," smirked the thief, matching Diana's combat pose.

The two foes faced each other, then Wonder Woman charged the thief, right fist flying.


The thief caught Wonder Woman's swinging fist and used the momentum to toss Diana over his shoulder. Wonder Woman flew across the roof, then crashed down, landing on her star spangled rump.

Wonder Woman rolled to her feet and charged the thief again. The angry amazon swung her fists at the armband clad man, but he caught her hands, then twisted her bronze arms, sending sharp pains through Wonder Woman's captured limbs.

The thief continued to twist Wonder Woman's outstretched arms until Diana dropped to her naked knees. The thief maintained the powerful pressure, the Armbands of Ares granting the man divine strength.

With lightning speed, the thief released Wonder Woman's left hand and punched her in the jaw. Wonder Woman reeled back, crashing upon her back, dazed and gasping as the thief stood over her.

"I warned you," repeated the thief, shaking his head, as he folded down between Wonder Woman's splayed legs to pull down her star spangled shorts.

Wonder Woman was too dazed to resist when the thief started to suck on her swollen snatch. Diana moaned as she felt the thief's tongue stroke the length of her puckered vulva, before the thief suckled softly on the amazon's quivering clit.

The thief reached across Wonder Woman to free her bronze breasts from her form fitting brassiere. Diana whimpered while the thief milked her tits with his magically strong hands, squeezing the amazon's melon mammaries, before tweaking Diana's dark brown nipples.

Diana grew wet almost immediately. She sighed when the molester's tongue wormed into her sopping wet pussy, her pelvis shuddered as the rogue's tongue slowly swirled inside her melting vagina, urging honey to flow from Wonder Woman's inflamed sex.

The armband clad thief clutched at Wonder Woman's knees as he nuzzled between the amazon's taut bronze thighs. The rogue sucked on Diana's throbbing labia lips, then lapped Wonder Woman's glistening gash, until the amazon princess showered spunk all over her male foe.


The thief unclasped Wonder Woman's golden eagle brassiere and tossed the armor aside. The rogue climbed onto Diana's stomach, rubbing his erection between Wonder Woman's shivering bare breasts.

Wonder Woman groaned and watched the thief's long cock plow between her heaving, heavy breasts. The thief cupped Wonder Woman's big tits, squeezing the firm mounds over his pounding penis. Diana closed her black lashes while the rogue fucked her bronze bosom, until the panting man shot his wad all over Wonder Woman's melon mammaries.


The thief brought his dripping dick to Wonder Woman's gasping lips. Diana licked the sticky, salty cum oozing from the strong man's urethra, then she wrapped her pouty lips around the mystery man's knob. Diana suckled on the beading prick tip, gazing up at her attacker with glazed azure eyes.

The thief buried his hands in Wonder Woman's thick black hair. He pumped his prick down Diana's gulping throat, feeding the amazon princess every inch of his veined member. Diana sobbed softly while she sucked on the thief's hot cock, she swallowed the man's member to his balls, then lapped the panting rogue's sweaty scrotum.

The humping thief clutched Wonder Woman's ebony head between his splayed legs as he fucked the bare breasted amazon's greedily gulping mouth. The thief rammed his dick deep down Diana's tight esophogus, then he grunted when he ejaculated between Wonder Woman's gaping wide, drool drenched lips.

Diana moaned as she drank the thief's salty spoo. The near naked amazon guzzled all of the rogue's foamy fuck, then she gasped raggedly after the thief tugged free his spent shaft from between Diana's semen smeared lips.


"I'm gonna fuck you in a way you won't soon forget, princess," grunted the thief, as he rolled Wonder Woman over onto her stomach.

The thief caressed Wonder Woman's tight bronze buttocks, then spread her sweetcheeks apart to lick Diana's musky bung and honey drenched cunt.

"I believe you like my dick in your ass," smirked the rogue, before he brought his gleaming knob to Wonder Woman's gaping anus.

Wonder Woman bit her lower lip when she felt the thief's thick prick slide inside her stretching sphincter, working deep into her bare bronze butt.

"Fuck, your ass is tight!" moaned the rogue, before he seized Wonder Woman's quivering buttocks and squeezed the round mounds as he began fucking Diana's squishy sphincter.

Wonder Woman closed her eyes in bliss while her attacker roughly reamed her throbbing asshole. The thief's thighs slapped upon Diana's bucking buttocks as she rocked beneath her super strong molester, the amazon's rectum clenching around her attacker's pistoning penis.

"If I didn't know better, I would think you're enjoying this, Wonder Woman," grunted the armband clad thief, as he caressed Diana's bare back, stroking Wonder Woman's smooth sun kissed skin before he reached Diana's shoulders. The thief gathered two handfuls of Diana's silky black hair as he pounded the sobbing amazon's slurping sphincter, burying his rod to the balls inside Wonder Woman's swollen bung.

Drool spilled down Diana's slack chin as she writhed under her butt humping lover. The ass pounding thief finally blasted Diana's colon with his stringy seed, Wonder Woman's sweaty backside quaked as the thief flooded Diana's raw rectum with milky discharge.

The panting thief fingered Wonder Woman's filthy wet pussy. Sticky strings of cum drooled out of Diana's inflamed twat, the amazon's cunnie throbbed, aching for something thick and stiff to impale it.

The thief licked Wonder Woman's juices from his fingertips, he climbed off the prone amazon princess, then zipped up his fly while Diana rolled over and reached up to beg her molester to rape her again in her demanding sex.

"You're really hooked on my cock, aren't you?" smirked the thief, shouldering his bag of loot.

Wonder Woman was too ashamed to agree, but she climbed to her feet, and hung her ebony head submissively, her bronze shoulders slumped.

The thief shrugged, "If you want to be my sex slave, hey, who am I to argue with a princess?"

The armband clad thief wrapped his right arm around Wonder Woman's waist. He draped the bare assed amazon over his right shoulder, he gave Diana's bronze bottom a kiss before he left the rooftop through a maintenance door, descending a stairwell to the street so he could return to his lair with money and pussy in hand.




The bearer of the Armbands of Ares climbed the steps to the abandoned warehouse flat. Wonder Woman hung limply over the bank robber's right shoulder, her bare bronze arms and legs dangling, her thick black hair swinging as the thief hefted her into his lair before shrugging his shoulder to set Diana down upon her bright red boots.

"Take off your boots, then wait for me by those chains," ordered the thief, his eyes now burning with a blood red light.

Wonder Woman gasped at the supernatural sight, a twinge of recognition making her heart race. The nearly naked amazon princess obediently walked to the corner of the flat where several thick chains attached to a winch hung heavily, Diana reached out to caress the sturdy chains, imagining what depredations her kidnapper had in store for her.

The thief set down his big bag of loot, then he rolled his wide shoulders, his body taking on more muscle with each passing moment. The thief turned to Wonder Woman and marched towards her, he was now of equal height to the statuesque amazon, his corded arms bristling with supernatural strength.

The thief seized Wonder Woman by her shapely waist, he pressed Diana's bronze breasts to his taut torso.

"You know me," growled the thief, his eyes blazing red.

"Ares," moaned Diana, before the burly brute wearing the god of war's magical armbands nuzzled Wonder Woman's neck, extending a long, serpentine tongue to taste Diana's sweet skin.

Wonder Woman shuddered as the dark god's tongue left a streak of saliva across her throat.

"You yielded to this host because you sensed my emerging power. You are a whore, princess, just like your uptight mother."

"No, I'm not!" protested Wonder Woman, even as her naked knees quaked and her bare bronze breasts swelled.


Ares reached between Diana's warm thighs, he roughly fondled the nude amazon's crotch, until Wonder Woman's pussy was soaking wet.

"Then why does your sex melt at my touch, princess?" purred Ares, before he grasped Diana's limp wrists and lifted up her slack arms.

Wonder Woman stood stiffly while Ares bound her in chains. Once she was secured, Ares turned the nearby winch, and Wonder Woman lifted off the flat floor, until her bare feet dangled a foot off the ground.

"You were made for sex, princess," smirked Ares, baring his bestial fangs as he ran his large hands up and down Wonder Woman's nubile, naked frame. "I will fuck you until you cry for me to never stop, I will break your feeble will, and make you my adoring lapdog."

"Never!" defied Diana, her beautiful blue eyes flashing.

Ares fingered Wonder Woman's sticky snatch. "Already your body yearns for me, your complete submission will be child's play."

Diana's black lashes quivered while Ares fondled her throbbing hot cunt. The bound amazon princess whimpered as Ares stroked her dripping wet sex, then she gasped when the dark god wiggled his index finger into Diana's squishy slit.

"Yes, let it all flow like a river," coaxed Ares, working two fingers deep inside Wonder Woman's melting twat.

"N..no, I won't!" sobbed Diana, bronze breasts shivering as she hung off the floor, long legs flailing while Ares plunged two stiff digits in and out of the nude amazon's drooling pussy.

"It's coming," teased Ares, when Diana's slender stomach shuddered and hot honey poured out of Wonder Woman's finger stuffed cunnie.

"No," whimpered Diana weakly, her hot crotch quaking as she gushed sweet spunk down her supple bronze thighs.

Ares removed his dripping fingers from Wonder Woman's inflamed cunt, he licked Diana's discharge from his gleaming fingertips, then he dropped his head between Wonder Woman's dangling legs, he spread Diana's lower limbs apart so he could suck on the bound amazon's filthy wet pussy.

"Don't!" begged Diana, as Ares hungrily devoured her hot, honey drenched hole.

Ares groaned while he ate out Wonder Woman's dripping wet coochie, sliding his elongated serpent's tongue deep inside Diana's clenched vagina.

Wonder Woman writhed in her chains, pelvis bucking as Ares' serpentine tongue slithered deeper and deeper inside the amazon's musky cunt. Wonder Woman laid her ebony head back, gasping when the dark god's tongue fucking brought her to climax again, cunnie cum squirting from Diana's wide open vulva.

Ares slurped all the showering spunk erupting from Wonder Woman's pounding pussy. After Diana was done ejaculating, Ares brought his long, stiff pole to Wonder Woman's drooling, puckered cunt.


"This is what you've been waiting for, princess," snarled Ares, blood red eyes burning bright when he rammed his monster cock hard through Wonder Woman's squishy slit.

"No!" sobbed Diana, bouncing on the dark god's pumping prick, as her big breasts bucked and her long bronze legs kicked high into the air.

Ares cradled Wonder Woman's taut bronze butt while he humped the chained up amazon. Wonder Woman's shapely waist rocked as she wildly rode the god of war's thick, pistoning penis, Diana tossed her glossy black mane, biting her lower lip as she worked up and down Ares' throbbing male member.

Ares sucked on Wonder Woman's heavy, sweaty breasts while he pounded the amazon's tight, slurping snatch. Ares bit Wonder Woman's engorged, dark brown nipples while sheathing his swollen shaft completely inside Diana's clenched vagina. Ares devoured Wonder Woman's delicious tits, stuffing his greedy mouth with flushed hot breast flesh as he plowed harder and harder through the naked, chained amazon's gulping gash, Diana arching her shuddering spine when Ares took her over the precipice of orgasm yet again, leaving Diana weak limbed and soaked in alluring sex sweat.

Ares panted as he shot his load into Wonder Woman's shuddering stomach. The possessed mortal grimaced every time he shot another wad of cum through Wonder Woman's vice tight vagina, his punching knob hitting Diana's aching cervix until the bare breasted amazon was whimpering weakly from every blast of Ares' pulsating pole.


Wonder Woman hung limply from her chain wrapped arms as Ares reached beneath her to finger the sweat sheened amazon's stretching sphincter. The dark god lifted his lingering erection to violate Wonder Woman's rectum when feet landed on the warehouse roof, before glass shattered, announcing the arrival of Power Girl.

Karen landed on the flat floor, she gaped at Wonder Woman naked and bound in chains.

"You'll pay for that, bastard!" cried Power Girl, lunging at Ares with fists cocked.

The god possessed thief deftly caught Power Girl's swinging fists, he spun Karen around, binding the buxom blonde with her own arms, before he nuzzled the nape of Karen's pale neck, his hard on sliding between Power Girl's parted thighs.

Power Girl stared mutely at the huge knob poking between her legs, then her blonde lashes fluttered when she felt a serpentine tongue caress her blushing cheek.

"Mmm, you ache for me like Diana. I would enjoy bending you to my will."

"L..let me go!" exclaimed Power Girl, as she wrestled to break the god of war's powerful grip.

Ares released Power Girl's tangled arms. The voluptuous Kryptonian spun on her heel and flung her right fist at the smirking giant, Ares swatted the blow aside, then he reached out and ripped Power Girl's costume, laying bare the blonde beauty's heavy alabaster breasts.

"Bastard!" howled Power Girl, reaching out to seize the blood eyed host.

Ares caught Power Girl by her outstretched wrists, he yanked Karen up close, then kissed her gaping lips, savoring the taste of the buxom blonde's pouty pink mouth.

Power Girl's blue eyes were wide while Ares embraced her passionately. The dark god's sinuous tongue slithered inside Power Girl's mouth, then Ares released Karen's wrists to cup her enormous, milky mammaries and squeeze the big, blushing tits of the moaning Kryptonian woman.

Ares released Power Girl's saliva soaked lips, a string of spittle clinging to Karen's slack chin. Ares plucked Power Girl off the flat floor, then he mounted the unresisting blonde upon his great shoulders, tearing the spandex off of Power Girl's crotch before he proceeded to suck on Karen's puffy pussy.

"N..no!" sobbed Power Girl, as her ivory thighs clenched around the dark god's head, her hips rocking as she closed her golden lashes and moaned while Ares worked his long tongue inside Power Girl's twitching twat.




Wonder Woman and Power Girl were both kneeling naked together on the floor of the abandoned warehouse flat where their supernatural captor kept his lair. Diana and Karen were facing each other, their salivating lips locked together as they wantonly tongued each other and fondled each other's bare, beautiful breasts.

The human host of Ares was almost completely unrecognizable now, transformed by the magical armbands of Ares into a huge, hulking, hairy and horned demon beast. The furry brute dragged the human host's king sized mattress across the flat floor, to where the two buxom beauties continued to wildly embrace each other and milk the other's blushing, heavy breasts.

Wonder Woman and Power Girl released each other's lips and shifted their attention to the monster cock standing at attention before them. The bestial smell of Ares' huge member made the two young women dizzy, they swayed on their folded, naked knees, until Power Girl brought her drooling lips to Ares' rock hard horse cock.

Karen moaned as she opened her jaws wide to swallow the war god's enormous erection. Power Girl barely managed to wrap her glossy lips around the huge head of Ares' dick, drool spilled down her chin as Power Girl began to suck on the bloated tip of the war god's throbbing penis, she extended her tongue to lap under Ares' stiff shaft.

Wonder Woman yearned to feed from the dark god's cock too. Diana nuzzled the demon beast's hairy scrotum, swallowing one of Ares' monster balls and slurping on the heavy, hairy testicle.

Ares closed his burning red eyes and groaned while the two nude beauties adored his raging erection with their soft, wet lips and sensual tongues. Wonder Woman lapped at Ares' scrotum, then took the dark god's right testicle between her pouty pink lips, she moaned while she hungrily sucked on her captor's salty ball, her hands dipping between her splayed bronze thighs to stroke her own throbbing sex to wetness.

Power Girl managed to swallow more of Ares' huge, long rod. Karen cupped her heavy alabaster breasts as she deepthroated the panting god of war, Power Girl's gaping wide lips worked down to Ares' saliva soaked balls, the buxom blonde and the black haired beauty almost brushing lips together as they eagerly devoured their evil lover's pounding penis.

Ares clutched the nape of Power Girl's neck as he fucked the naked Kryptonian's sloppily slurping lips. Ares pumped his prick deep down Karen's tight esophogus, until his gleaming testicles rested upon Power Girl's drool drenched chin.

"Suck it! Suck my meat you blonde bitch!" snarled Ares, twisting Power Girl's stiff strawberry nipples maliciously while Power Girl's honey haired head bobbed vigorously over the dark god's rigid rod.

Ares caught Wonder Woman's saliva smeared chin. The blood eyed demon beast squeezed Diana's jaws apart, then he spat down the naked amazon princess's throat. Wonder Woman closed her lust clouded blue eyes and greedily gulped her hairy captor's spittle.

Ares fondled Wonder Woman's firm bronze breasts while Power Girl continued to enthusiastically give the demon beast head. Wonder Woman sat back on her heels and thrust her bare bosom out so Ares could play with her heaving, heavy tits. Ares drooled over Wonder Woman's luscious melon sized mammaries, he pinched her throbbing caramel nipples, then he caressed Wonder Woman's blissful, flushed face, sticking his blunt thumb inside Diana's mouth for the sex addicted amazon to suck.


Ares grunted when he reached his peak. Power Girl kept her saliva soaked lips locked around the war god's enormous erection while Ares shot his balls down Karen's tight throat. Power Girl's blonde lashes quivered as she drank down all of her bestial captor's gushing fuck, strings of semen oozed out of the corners of Power Girl's cock stuffed mouth as the buxom blonde strained to swallow every last milky drop of the demon beast's seed.

When Power Girl finally relinquished Ares' dripping dick, Wonder Woman quickly wrapped her own yearning lips around the fat, drooling tip of Ares' monster member. Diana closed her ecstatic blue eyes as she drank the vestiges of her captor's salty discharge, Wonder Woman repeatedly lapped Ares' oozing urethra, smearing her extended tongue with demon semen.

Ares clutched Wonder Woman's chin again, he smeared his seed all over Diana's blushing cheeks and filthy chin, Wonder Woman continued to lick the dark god's gleaming cock, while cum streaked her beautiful, upraised face.


Ares shoved Wonder Woman onto her bare bronze back. The demon beast mounted the spread eagled amazon princess, he clutched at Diana's splayed knees as he brought his rock hard cock to Wonder Woman's gaping, glistening gash.

Wonder Woman sobbed when Ares sheathed his horse cock inside her. Diana wrapped her long, lean legs around the humping demon beast's wide waist, bucking beneath him as her heavy, sweaty breasts bounced and her slender stomach shuddered.

Power Girl hugged the hairy monster fucking the prone amazon. Karen stuck out her tongue to lick Ares' stiff black nipples, she rubbed her milky tits all over Ares' ebony fur.

As he pumped his monster cock through Wonder Woman's tight, slurping snatch, he reached between Power Girl's ivory thighs, he plunged two talons inside Karen's squishy slit, the buxom Kryptonian whimpered while Ares furiously fingered her clenched cunt.

Wonder Woman stretched her slender bronze arms over her dishevelled ebony head as she writhed between the splayed, hairy legs of the blood eyed war god. Wonder Woman flexed her pelvis, impaling herself upon Ares' pistoning, pole sized penis over and over, her throbbing vulva stretching to the tearing point to swallow all of the humping dark god's huge, heaving horse cock.

Ares seized a handful of Power Girl's damp honey hair and shoved her flushed face between his hairy, sweaty legs. Ares groaned when Power Girl started to lick his plowing prick, lapping the sheen of sweat and spunk from the war god's ramming, rock hard rod.

Wonder Woman gasped when Power Girl began to suck on her engorged clitoris. Diana folded her arms over her head, bucking and grinding wildly until Ares gasped and shot his wad into Wonder Woman's shivering stomach.


Ares tugged free his sore shaft from Wonder Woman's vice tight vagina. Strings of sticky spoo gushed from the war god's large knob, showering Diana with warm, milky cum.

Power Girl wasted no time wrapping her greedy lips around Ares' ejaculating member, the voluptuous Kryptonian gobbled all of Ares' remaining fuck, sucking the war god's sweaty balls dry.


While Ares squatted back on his hooved heels to catch his breath, Power Girl fell upon Wonder Woman, the two nude women entwining, slippery tits mingling, as they kissed passionately again and rubbed their filthy wet gashes together. Ares watched in bemusement while the two horny heroines tongued each other, before Power Girl squirmed between Wonder Woman's open thighs to eat out Diana's fuck flooded cunt.


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